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RC Pro - PowerPack

RC Pro - PowerPack

$ 599.00

The PowerPack manages all the power distribution on the RC Pro network. Each PowerPack has 8 powered outputs rated @ 30AMPs each along with integrated self healing fuses. You can daisy chain up to 8 PowerPacks for up to 64 Outputs. Each of the 8 PowerPack circuits have the ability to be used as a strobe, dimmer, or PWM 12V DC output. The PowerPack with its cutting edge design elimates the need for fuses with each circuit being a thermally self healing output. If you draw to many AMPs the RC PowerPack will automatically shut down that output.
Comes with 1 RC PowerPack, 1 CANBus Network Cable 36in, 1 Ground Cable, 1 4-Gauge Hot Wire With Built In 175 AMP Tiny Fuse. 

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